How to Be Successful and Confident

how to be successful and confident

Learning how to be successful and confident can be difficult in the beginning or in anything new. It is easy to be confident when things are going your way, your business is rocking, your kids are great, and your body is rock solid. It is more difficult to be confident when you don't have the success, things are not going your way and there is instability in your life.

Confidence doesn't have to be dependent on outside circumstances. It can be on your inner thoughts, actions and feeling.

Do you clear the air when you have uncomfortable encounters or do you hold it in and bury it deep inside yourself?

I tend to hold my feelings in. Recently, I have been working on expressing my feelings and not caring what other people think about them.  They are mine, no one else has to agree with them. Theirs may be different and I give them space to feel their's. I used to make their feeling more important than mine and hence never expressed mine.  I have found that holding onto a disturbing feeling makes me unproductive, sad, frustrated, mad and unhappy. When I say it out loud and let it go I feel the complete opposite.

I used to avoid rocking the boat, upsetting others, being controversial, or doing anything that someone else may not approve of.

It was ridiculous. I would be scared to inconvenience anyone in any way.


Even if I ordered something at a restaurant and it came out wrong I would get butterflies before I asked them to take it back and re-make it the correct way.

I used to care a lot about what other people thought about me. My identity, self worth, and confidence rested in what other people thought about me.

I am now practicing being true to myself. If I feel something I say it. If I do not agree with something I just don't go along with others. If I have energy on someone I talk to them about it.  If I think someone has energy on me I talk to them about it.

It's freeing! I am learning to be myself regardless of what others think. My self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem have nothing to do with anyone else. If I can stay in integrity with myself, do my best, and be a woman of God I am winning!

Giving yourself the gift to express yourself regardless of others will be a positive step in building your confidence and being more successful.


Be true to yourself and your feelings and express your feelings.

After reading this you probably are aware of more ways to be successful and confident. DO THEM!



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