Life and Business Coaching with Jessica Lewis


Available Programs:

My coaching programs are available only for those who qualify after application and an initial interview.

30 Day Blitz

Multiple calls a week to COLLAPSE timeframes and create something great in a short period of time

Kickstarter Coaching Program (45 day duration) 

Get off to the best start possible with guidance, accountability and structure

You will gain clarity, perspective and benchmarks to get you on the right track


 Let's Get it DONE (6 months duration)


Habits take time to solidify.

With bi-weekly coaching calls my clients create massive results over the time we invest with each other.  If you put in the work, the investment will come back in multiples. I am certain of it!


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of our programs


I am obsessed with helping women MAX out and have it all!

I coach women to have it ALL:

Connection with God

Spicy relationship with their husband

Deep connection with their kids

Thriving business

Time for themselves


We all ‘know' what to do. Why don’t we do it???






The list could go on and on.

When someone is accountable to someone other than themselves and gets clear on how they limit themselves, the sky is the limit.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

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What people are saying about Jessica as their life coach and business coach:

“Jessica is amazing! An amazing woman, an amazing leader, coach, author, mom and friend. She is authentic and real and embraces all life has for her. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica and seeing her never give up & encouraging others to do the same. She is an Incredible coach and mentor and has accomplished so much walking the walk not just talking the talk which I respect greatly. I would highly recommend Jessica as you will be challenged beyond your box and limiting beliefs and grow to a level you set your will to with her guidance, accountability, passion and clarity! Self Mastery is so important and without a great coach and mentor how will we ever see what we don’t see and how will we ever Be Do Have all that we desire? She has and is the proven results in a world of imitation, she is the real deal and straight shooter!” -Jennifer Haus

“I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking looking to achieve a greater standard in life. Jessica can help you live the life you always wanted by helping you achieve your goals. Working with Jessica has helped me focus on what’s really important in life, and has provided invaluable guidance/support, accountability, and leadership. Her experience and knowledge she shares is priceless, which has not only helped me, but others as well. She has helped me expand my mindset to what’s really possible, and further my journey of personal development.   Jessica is a powerful, hard working individual that leads by example, which can be seen through the success she’s created in her own life, and how she lives her life daily!” -Justin Baker

Click HERE to see if you qualify for one of our programs

What people are saying about Jessica as their life coach and business coach:


“Jessica is a tireless entrepreneur who works hard to help others succeed. If you are looking for a success coach who actually practice what she preaches, then do whatever you can to get yourself on Jessica’s radar. Your success may just depend on it.” -Sophorn Chhay

In my 11 years as a commercial banking officer, rarely have I been fortunate enough to meet business owners that are so easy to work with. Not only are Jessica’s businesses very successful and thriving, but they are built on a foundation of quality (and moral) standards that ensures their strength and stability in the long run. I have known Jessica on a professional level for a few years now, and my job demands that I know my clients very well in this regard. Every time I have met with, or spoke with Jessica over the years, she has been impressive to say the least. Jessica is always acutely aware of all that is going on with her business. She has a firm handle on every aspect of the business from the financial reporting to employee relations to field operations at all times, and even with all the passion & focus, you can feel the sense of positive energy flowing through the workplace. I look forward to every interaction with Jessica because I know it will likely bring some fresh, new and exciting ideas for discussion, and with those come new challenges and opportunities!- Justin Kuhjala

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica. She coached me, along with some others, in a goal setting/accountability group. She is very encouraging and understanding. Also, she is very driven and knows how to motivate others. I would highly recommend Jessica!! – Kerensa King