Question of The Day: Habits of Highly Effective People

What habits do you have during your highs?

What habits do you have during your lows?

When we are on our game, we have certain habits.  Habits that create success. Habits that create momentum. Habits that create results.

On the contrary, when we are off our game we also have habits.

What I want you to bring your attention to today are the habits that you do when your are on top of your game. I like to call it your success recipe.

What is your success recipe?

For me, it includes things like:

Waking up before the kids

Reading the bible and my devotional

Working out

Learning something new and sharing it

Accomplishing something in our businesses

There are many more. If I do these things consistently everyday I create momentum and juice in all areas of my life and feel amazing.



Figure out the habits and actions you do when you are on your game.

Then, be aware when you're not doing them and get back on track faster.

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