Question of the Day: How do you know that you “know”?

The Release is Real

How to Release Stress

Do you clear the air when you have uncomfortable encounters?

I tend to hold my feelings in. Recently, I have been working on expressing my feelings whether people like it or not.  They are mine. Theirs may be different and I give them space to feel their's as well as space to feel my own.

I used to avoid rocking the boat, upsetting others, being controversial, or doing anything that someone else may not approve of.

It was ridiculous. I would be scared to inconvenience anyone in any way.

Even if I ordered something at a restaurant and it came out wrong I would get butterflies before I asked them to take it back and re-make it the correct way.

I am now practicing being true to myself. If I feel something I say it. If I do not agree with something I just don't go along with others. If I have energy on someone I talk to them about it.  If I think someone has energy on me I talk to them about it.

It's freeing!


Be true to yourself and your feelings.

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