Topics for Speaking and Trainings:

1. Stop Sucking Start Thriving Workshop

  • Define your ideal life and why you are not there
  • Find out what it will take to get there
  • Discover obstacles that will get in your way and how you will overcome them
  • Prioritize action steps to ensure success


2. Leadership & Self-Deception

  • How un-awareness hurts your companies productivity and the bottom line
  • How a team can function at optimal productivity
  • How you hurt yourself and the team without even knowing it
  • How the actions of leadership kill or grow company culture


3. 5 Mandatory Habits to Building a Million Dollar Sales Business

  • The power of a habit and how to form lifelong ones
  • How to reverse engineer your goals to ensure success
  • Deep dive into your triggers and drivers that stop you from creating the business you want
  • Obstacles that are sure to get in your way and how you will overcome them