How to Be Successful: How I Made $350,000 by Age 22 & How You Can TOO!

How to be successful with passion

Monetary success is not everything by any means.

My relationship with God holds far greater importance. I share this not to boast but to give you an example of what is possible.

At a very early age I understood and honed a couple principles that have proven to create success regardless of the industry.

Not everyone is ready to up their game but if you are then this post is for you. Share it with everyone you're coaching, training and mentoring. Leaders develop leaders!


How to Influence and Lead Others

Just because you have  a position where people have to follow you doesn't mean that you are their leader.

Leadership is measured by your level of influence.  When you say jump do they say how high? Do they hear you and then choose not to?

The video below details out management vs leadership.

If you are willing to take an honest assessment of your leadership ability and how well you can influence others watch the video below.

How to Grow your level of influence

How to Grow your level of influence


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