How Successful People Think Chapter 11

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Success Notes of the Day: Chapter 11 Rely on Bottom-Line Thinking

How Successful People Think By John C. Maxwell

“How do you figure out the bottom line for your organization, business, department team or group?

In many businesses, the bottom line is literally the bottom line. Profit determines whether you are succeeding. But dollars should not always be the primary measure of success. Would you measure the ultimate success of your family by how much money you had at the end of the month or year? And if you run a non-profit or volunteer organization, how would you know whether you were performing at your highest potential?”

How do you personally measure your bottom line and know that you are performing at your highest potential?

“When you are clear about your mission, corporate goals and operating objectives flow from it.”

“Bottom-line thinking makes it possible for you to measure outcomes more quickly and easily. It gives you a benchmark by which to measure activity. It can be used as a focused way of ensuring that all your little activities are purposeful and line up to achieve a larger goal.”


Get clear on your larger goal so you can begin to use bottom-line thinking

Quotes from: John C. Maxwell, How Successful People Think (New York: Center Street, 2009) 113, 116-117.

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