177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

Most progress relies on professional performers who stand up, challenge the status quo and push the envelope. The great ones definitely dance to the beat of a different drummer, and I thank God they do. Many great breakthroughs and innovations are made by champions who ignore the facts and figures. While amateurs are content with the status quo, pros are always seeking a better, faster, more efficient, effective method or way of doing things. The great ones derive incredible pleasure from ongoing growth and development, while amateurs quietly fear change will create more demanding or less pleasurable conditions. To amateur performers, champions can appear to be outrageous in their wants and desires.

Amateurs are accustomed to the way things are, and prefer to keep it that way. Without champions, innovation and progress would be almost nonexistent. At the beginning of the 20th century, many scientists believed every major innovation and invention had been discovered. This type of thinking is difficult to sell to pros, who tend to listen only to other pros. While champions take facts into consideration, they just don’t allow them to carry as much weight as amateurs do. The great ones know progress relies on the unreasonable men or women who stand up and challenge the facts, and then take intelligent action to exceed them.


Begin to question the so-called ‘facts’ governing your life. Ask these critical thinking questions: “Is it a fact that it’s going to take me 20 years to retire? Is it a fact that I will gain weight as I get older or after having children? Is it a fact that the religious beliefs I should follow are the ones handed down from my parents?”

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Quotes from: Steve Siebold, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (Hong Kong: London House, 2005), page 70.

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