The Key to Getting Moving and Never Stopping

Whether you are an employee or an employer we want all purpose.

We all want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. We want meaning and purpose in the things that we do.

Do you know what your higher purpose is?

Do your employees, or you, connect what they do everyday to the companies higher purpose?

What drives you? What drives them?

What moves you out of bed when you do not feel like doing anything?

What did God put you on this earth to do?

What gifts, talents, amazing qualities did he give you?

Find out what energizes you and moves you and begin to structure your life so that you can be in that space more often. This may not be an easy task for some of us. ┬áSome of us have been doing the things that we “have” to do or “should” do all of our life. We have been doing whatever it takes to get by. ┬áLife is too short to just get by. Time flies. Do you feel me on that?

So what energizes you? What moves you? What gets you going?

Take an action today to move closer to that and integrate more of it in your life starting, TODAY.



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