The world class operates from objective reality…

177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

“It's the middle class that is most incongruent with reality. They are operating at a high enough level to understand that higher levels exist.  Although they don't expect to get there, the thought crosses their mind from time to time.  Because of their low expectations, their actions are incongruent with their desires.  In other words, they want to live the life of the world class, but are unwilling to pay the price.  Since this reality is too harsh to bear, they delude themselves into thinking they are doing everything in their power to get ahead.

They'll tell you they're putting in far more time than they are.  They'll swear they are thinking about their vision all the time, but they're not.  The world class is brutally honest with themselves, and they tend to look reality in the face. They err on the side of over-practicing and over-prepping.  Champions know that, to ascend to the top, you must first be operating from a mindset of objective reality.  Self-deception and delusion have no place in the professional performer's consciousness.”


“Make a commitment to check delusion at the door.  Be honest and ask this critical thinking question: “Are my habits, actions and behaviors congruent with the vision I have for my life?”

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Quotes from: Steve Siebold, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class (Hong Kong: London House, 2005), page 1.

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