Top 10 Best Investments

Top 10 Best Investments
1. Relationships with those you love- at the end of the day we cannot take our material possessions with us
2. Long term personal development program- you are either growing or dying, there is no stable
3. Coach or mentor- someone that will hold you to doing what you say your going to do
4. Competent right hand assistant- there is not enough time in the day to do everything, make sure your time is spent on highest value tasks
5. Personal image – first impressions matter. Personally. Your company. Your marketing. Etc
6. Personal financial plan- it's great to make money but not to make money and then not have anything to show for it after
7. Exercise program- we can all go hard for only so long and then it takes a toll
8. Client retention program – produce client loyalty

9. Your library- our thoughts, actions and beliefs determine our destiny
10. Technology- life be easier, simpler and more streamlined with the use of technology
Inspired by High Trust Selling by Ken Blanchard

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